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Wire EDM Machining: an Outsourced Service from CED

Wire EDM part machining—or “Wire Electrical Discharge Machining”—is an outsource service CED offers through the proven abilities of strategic Wire EDM alliances.

During EDM machining, an electric current runs through an EDM wire held between two brackets to form an electrode, while the material to be cut forms a second electrode. As current passes through the wire, the high-energy discharge between the wire and the workpiece rapidly cuts away material. Wire EDM can be used for cutting and shaping parts out of virtually any material with electrical conductivity.

Our Wire EDM partners deploy state-of-the art computer controlled machines to citrate incredibly intricate and parts with pin-point accuracy. And because there is no metal-on-metal force or “tool wear”, even very small, delicate parts can be fabricated with perfect repeatability.

CED’s ability to secure Wire EDM services through quality-proven partnerships expands the total, turnkey solution value we offer clients.



CED Case Study Part Samples

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