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Machine Turning at CED in CT

Machine Turning simple to complex parts with extreme tolerance accuracy is a mainstay advantage at CED. Our spectrum of advanced CNC turning centers can process small to very large stock that includes Alloy Steels, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Copper, Aluminum, Acrylic, Delrin, PVC, Nylon, and more.

Turning is a machining process used to make cylindrical parts, where the cutting tool moves in a linear fashion while the workpiece rotates. Our ISO Registrations assure that the complex parts we machine meet the strict standards established for the turning of Medical components, Aerospace parts, Industrial equipment, and more—all while maintaining a stable turning environment where temperature, humidity and cleanliness are carefully monitored and maintained.

Our top-of-the-line Turning machinery is complimented by a dedicated Quality Assurance Lab where continual testing, measuring, and assessment ensure part and component excellence throughout the part turning cycle.

Looking for a better resource to turn your simple to complex parts? Look to CED, the Connecticut (CT) company that achieves world-class part quality through mastery of advanced turning technologies and dedication to sound New England Work ethics.

CED Machine Turning Equipment includes:

  • 1 Mazak CNC Quick Turn 25 HP 2.8 dia thru spindle 
  • 1 Mazak CNC Super Quick Turn 18, 2 ½" thru spindle 
  • 1 Mazak CNC Quick Turn 20, 2" thru spindle 
  • 1 Mazak CNC Quick Turn 10, 1 ½" thru spindle
  • 1 Takisawa Lathe, 15"
  • 1 Hardinge W/DRO with .0001 Res.

CED Case Study Part Samples

5 Reasons to call or visit CED Services—Right Now!

1. Capabilities: Equipment and process guarantee precise parts or subassemblies.

2. Dedication: Experienced professionals focused on your part or product success.

3. Cost: Consistently higher-quality parts—machined for less.

4. Location: Conventiently nestled in the heart of CT, only a mile from Oxford Airport.

5. Upgrade Program: Our 3-step program eliminates the "vendor switching nightmare."

Consulting Engineering, & Development Services, Inc.

3 Fox Hollow Road
Oxford, Connecticut 06478

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