Consulting, Engineering, &
Development Services, Inc.
3 Fox Hollow Road
Oxford, CT 06478

CNC machining in Oxford, CT—just minutes from Waterbury-Oxford Airport!

CED Services’ central CT facility makes securing High Quality CNC Machining solutions in the U.S. incredibly convenient for businesses throughout New England—and in fact throughout the country. Nestled in picturesque Oxford CT, our strategic location places us conveniently between New York and Boston, and almost at the doorstep of Waterbury Oxford Airport.

Looking to secure higher-quality, U.S.-based Machining solutions for your complex part or product? Desire an easy-to-visit, pleasant U.S. location that offers a stress-free, team-spirited, atmosphere? Look to CED Services—a customer-friendly company dedicated to proudly machining the complex.

CED Case Study Part Samples

5 Reasons to call or visit CED Services—Right Now!

1. Capabilities: Equipment and process guarantee precise parts or subassemblies.

2. Dedication: Experienced professionals focused on your part or product success.

3. Cost: Consistently higher-quality parts—machined for less.

4. Location: Conventiently nestled in the heart of CT, only a mile from Oxford Airport.

5. Upgrade Program: Our 3-step program eliminates the "vendor switching nightmare."

Consulting Engineering, & Development Services, Inc.

3 Fox Hollow Road
Oxford, Connecticut 06478

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