Consulting, Engineering, &
Development Services, Inc.
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CED Leadership

Steven G. MeyerFounder / CEO

“Over 30 years ago I fell in love with this trade—either you have it in your blood or you don't. I don’t do this job for the money, I do this because THIS is who I am. CED excels by staying one step ahead...investing in the latest machining technologies...investing in the best people to manage those technologies.”


Wayne MignanoChief Operating Officer

“We’ve developed systems to let us stay on top of machining programs at all times. We always know exactly where projects stand, and communicate frequently with our customers to foster a trusted, team-spirited partnership.”


David CarliV.P. of Manufacturing

“I love the challenge of turning a raw piece of material into a finished product while delivering quality, on time delivery, and good pricing. We take a lot of pride in knowing what we do DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world.”


Lisa BrayallManager of Quality Programs

“At CED, quality is more than manufacturing a conforming product; it is a mindset that is promoted and fostered by the management.”


William FarrellSales Manager

“At CED, we don’t just make parts—we make a commitment to our customers—we make relationships It’s what CED was founded and built on.”


Jessi IslamiOffice Manager

“Working together as a family, we’ve watched the company grow from a small shop to a more corporate enterprise. It’s exciting to be part of bringing that same dedicated teamwork to every client we service.”


CED Case Study Part Samples

5 Reasons to call or visit CED Services—Right Now!

1. Capabilities: Equipment and process guarantee precise parts or subassemblies.

2. Dedication: Experienced professionals focused on your part or product success.

3. Cost: Consistently higher-quality parts—machined for less.

4. Location: Conventiently nestled in the heart of CT, only a mile from Oxford Airport.

5. Upgrade Program: Our 3-step program eliminates the "vendor switching nightmare."

Consulting Engineering, & Development Services, Inc.

3 Fox Hollow Road
Oxford, Connecticut 06478

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