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CED Machining Advantages: Dedication to Your Program Success

At CED, we know that “getting your part machined” is only part of the value you look for in a Machine Shop. Our dedicated team is focused on always providing you with quickly-responsive service, unsurpassed quality, and delivery when and where your changing needs may dictate.

CNC project management with unequalled project control and real-time Quality Assurance reporting

Our diverse design, engineering, manufacturing and subassembly skills are coordinated with lock-step precision using a proprietary project management software. Years of testing and refinement have allowed us to perfect this important tracking and management tool that informs clients with transparent, real time data regarding every stage of a machining and assembly project. Through advanced capabilities and unsurpassed project management, we are able to make “practical,“ “reliable,” and “economical” all advantages associated with each project we undertake. A claim that is echoed in our company mission statement:

“To utilize our unique abilities and experience in designing for manufacturing—giving our customers the best combination of cost, quality, and “ease-of-assembly” available.

CED Case Study Part Samples

5 Reasons to call or visit CED Services—Right Now!

1. Capabilities: Equipment and process guarantee precise parts or subassemblies.

2. Dedication: Experienced professionals focused on your part or product success.

3. Cost: Consistently higher-quality parts—machined for less.

4. Location: Conventiently nestled in the heart of CT, only a mile from Oxford Airport.

5. Upgrade Program: Our 3-step program eliminates the "vendor switching nightmare."

Consulting Engineering, & Development Services, Inc.

3 Fox Hollow Road
Oxford, Connecticut 06478

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