Consulting, Engineering, &
Development Services, Inc.
3 Fox Hollow Road
Oxford, CT 06478
  •  Front of CED Services modern CNC Machining facility in Oxford CT
  • CED Services interior machine shop floor as seen from above
  • CED Services Leadership Team standing with CEO Steve Meyer in center
  • High-magnification inspection machine in SCED Services’s  Quality Assurance Lab
  • Complicated multi-part subassembly being hand assembled
  • CAD software being used to design a CNC Machined part
  • Proudly Machining the Complex right in Oxford, Connecticut... U.S.A.!
  • Proudly Machining the Complex using Advanced Machining Technology
  • Proudly Machining the Complex with a team dedicated to YOUR success
  • Proudly Machining the Complex with EXTREME attention to Quality Assurance
  • Proudly Machining the Complex with subassembling to your exact specifications
  • Proudly Machining the Complex with turnkey "concept through delivery" convenience

CED Services: Part Designing, CNC Machining, and Assembly Solutions in Oxford, CT!

CED Services proudly machines and assembles complex parts for the Aerospace Industry, Medical Industry, Defense Industry, and more. Our state-of-the art CNC Machining facility, precise machining and assembly processes, and strict Quality Assurance procedures have earned us AS 9100 and ISO 9001 Registrations. Just as important, they have earned the business and trust of respected customers that are glad they made the switch to CED!

Strategically located in Oxford, CT, our modern CNC machining facility is halfway between New York and Boston and only one mile from Oxford Airport. Visiting our company to take a tour—or review machining improvements we may suggest—is always easy and enjoyable.

Looking to secure—or upgrade to—a better source for Prototyping, CNC Machining, or Technical Assembling? Call CED Services today to set up a plant tour, or to simply speak with someone excited to help you. We promise a friendly, no pressure experience—one that will leave you delighted to learn how much more affordable, reliable, and dedicated a CNC Machining company can be.

CED Case Study Part Samples

5 Reasons to call or visit CED Services—Right Now!

1. Capabilities: Equipment and process guarantee precise parts or subassemblies.

2. Dedication: Experienced professionals focused on your part or product success.

3. Cost: Consistently higher-quality parts—machined for less.

4. Location: Conventiently nestled in the heart of CT, only a mile from Oxford Airport.

5. Upgrade Program: Our 3-step program eliminates the "vendor switching nightmare."

Consulting Engineering, & Development Services, Inc.

3 Fox Hollow Road
Oxford, Connecticut 06478

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